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20.Sep.1999 Hitchhiker's Game - the deal is signed
20.Sep.1999 TDV announces new investors
7.Jul.1999 Bigger Breakfast
1.Jul.1999 The Hitchhiker's Guide to a small part of Denmark...
17.Jun.1999 DNA gets 'zined
1.Jun.1999 New phone numbers for London
22.May.1999 Starship Titanic for Mac and QuickTime 4 Preview Release Problem
10.May.1999 Robbie McIntosh's brilliant new album soon to be sold thru TDV
4.May.1999 Mac ST installer fix
30.Apr.1999 h2g2 launches: 3,000 registrations within 24 hours
28.Apr.1999 Douglas Adams on Tomorrow's World tonight
23.Apr.1999 Important news for Mac Starship Titanic users.
23.Apr.1999 ST DVD version available in the UK this May
20.Apr.1999 Raumschiff Titanic, ST's German cousin, goes gold
9.Apr.1999 Awesome stats from Douglas's online chat
7.Apr.1999 ST web chat with Douglas this week
10.Mar.1999 Starship Titanic wins at the Codies
4.Mar.1999 Starship Titanic for Mac in the shops Friday (UK)
26.Feb.1999 MacCentral review of ST
26.Feb.1999 "Raumschiff Titanic" enters Beta test phase
25.Feb.1999 HHGG shareware for Comic Relief
15.Feb.1999 Mac ST goes gold
10.Feb.1999 TDV joins Comic Relief for Red Nose Day '99
5.Feb.1999 Starship Titanic Community Press Release
10.Dec.1998 The Camel has Barked
10.Dec.1998 ST meets with senate approval (wow)
23.Nov.1998 "Raumschiff Titanic" prepares to leave port
16.Nov.1998 ZABLAC in bundling deal with Virgin Net
16.Nov.1998 The Digital Village Year 2000 Statement
3.Nov.1998 Octagon Entertainment sign deal for HHGG Game
3.Nov.1998 BAFTA: sadly not this time...
19.Oct.1998 Cybersites to work with us
4.Sep.1998 Arts Alliance on board
15.Aug.1998 Hitchhiker film deal
1.Jun.1998 Fast Company Magazine

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