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"Raumschiff Titanic" prepares to leave port
date: 23 Nov 1998

The latest from TDV translator, Renata Henkes....

"The first foreign language version of Starship Titanic will be "Raumschiff Titanic" and its development is currently in the last phase. Raumschiff Titanic should crash into German living rooms in the first quarter of 1999.

TDV is developing the fully germanised version in-house. The localisation effort for the game is considerable. First priority at all times was to bring the unique humour across.

The German bots will have a few puns and repartees up their sleeve. 14 hours of German audio have been recorded with professional actors in Hamburg. Over 10,000 sound snippets are integrated into the language parser and the bots are being fed with cultural references and slang.

Be prepared to find some Hamburger and Berliner "Originale" and a parrot who knows his ornithology really well."


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