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Robbie McIntosh's brilliant new album soon to be sold thru TDV
date: 10 May 1999

Available soon from The Digital Village, a brilliant album of acoustic guitar pieces from Robbie McIntosh.

Robbie McIntosh has mostly played lead guitar in other people's bands, like The Pretenders and the Paul McCartney band, but when he is not playing huge stadia on world tours, he will quite often just play in local west country pubs. Although he has kept a low public profile, his stature and reputation in the music business is legendary. Some guitarists will tell you that he is the best pop guitarist there is, others that he's the best rock guitarist, others will tell you of the night he took to the stage in a down and dirty Chicago blues club - an Englishman! - and blew them all away.

He is also a great acoustic guitar player. Unsung is an album which Douglas Adams has been persuading him to make for about the last two years - a collection of acoustic guitar pieces, mostly originals, which he has written and recorded over the years in between other assignments.

"I've had it on continuous replay in my car for months," says Douglas, "and it is quite simply one of my favourite albums ever. All I seem to hear on the radio is overproduced nothingness, (or New Age which is underproduced nothingness). What Robbie plays is real music: simple on the surface, internally complex, rich, lyrical, plaintive, passionate. Unsung is one of those increasingly rare albums that you play again and again and again, and proves to be even better on its fifty first playing than it was on its fiftieth. Real music, played by a real musician. Robbie is also, and this is of course completely irrelevant, one of the nicest men you'll ever meet, and incapable of buying a pair of socks in under a week." The album will be available from this site shortly. We will try and put up a few MP3 samples as soon as possible.


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