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Arts Alliance on board
date: 4 Sep 1998

In early September, Arts Alliance became a shareholder in TDV. We are delighted to be working with Thomas Hoegh and look forward to working with him on our plans for the future.

Robbie Stamp, TDV's CEO says "I am delighted that Arts Alliance have become investors in The Digital Village. It is a breath of fresh air to be working with Thomas and his team. Its clear from the outset that they bring not only cash but also invaluable strategic support and a network of alliances and contacts in this sector. Currently based in the UK, TDV itself is unusually well connected in both Europe and the USA, but Arts Alliance will undoubtedly widen our network still further. I have also been impressed by the hands on approach that Thomas takes to his investments. I suspect that the "wholly welcome" experience we are having is much more akin to working with a top US VC firm, than it is to working with most UK investors in this sector. I look forward to working with Thomas to grow TDV into a world class company."

Douglas Adams says "What a wonderful change. So many investors in the UK have almost no idea what the Internet even is. Thomas Hoegh understands it intensely and knows that the old rules no longer apply, that the medium will belong to those who can think the most radically and creatively. I couldn't be more pleased to have him on board."


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