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TDV joins Comic Relief for Red Nose Day '99
date: 10 Feb 1999

It's that time again. The biennial opportunity for you to righteously impoverish yourselves to support the world's most amusing and effective thingathon - Comic Relief's Red Nose Day '99 with its goal of raising money for development projects in Africa and the UK.

The theme for this year's Red Nose Day is Record Breakers - being the biggest, best, worst, longest, largest or silliest at the event of your choice. As last Red Nose Day raised 27.5 Million, there's some pretty major records to be broken. Amongst those is the record for the most money ever donated on-line, so we've helped Comic Relief by providing them with strategic, creative and technical support to help them get together their web site, in conjunction with, amongst others, the BBC, IXL and ICL.

There's the Comic Relief site and the BBC's Red Nose Day site - go there, have fun and give loadsa money.

In particular, for all you sad old fans of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy who remember the original text-based computer game, we've ported the game to Java and put it Comic Relief's on-line fun house.



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