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Being a web hacker with a reasonably large ego, I was naturally quite eager to get going with a homepage at my new place of work. However, now that I have it, I'm not exactly sure what to do with it. I could fill it up with stuff about me but then I'd just be repeating all the stuff here, and besides, nobody wants to read it anyway. Thus, as if the image above wasn't enough, this first attempt at a TDV homepage will be filled with more...

Reasons Not To Let Yoz Near The QuickTake

circle ooops...

hang on...

  Here's Alison, who is utterly marvellous, really really talented, and is also responsible for ensuring that this web page gets published. Did I mention how marvellous she is?


Our Chief Technology Officer.


When the vulture goes away on skiing holidays it leaves a fluffy Richard Harris in its place. Richard Creasey demonstrates that, by pushing a button on the back, you can get it to wave its arms and blag a Newton.


I promised not to put a picture of Sophie on my page, so here it is.


Emma Westecott is a drum'n'bass Director wiz with short hair and tall shoes.
Don't mess.


Here's the Engine Room, where the brave Claudio Calvelli does daily battle with (too) many evil operating systems. Try to ignore the bullet holes in the server casings.


... and no leopard ever bothered Debbie Barham again.


Stalking through the undergrowth, John targets his prey and lets loose with some deadly Nerf...


... but our battle-worn heroine's too fast for him... (note groovy action pose and cammo shorts)


Sod the spongy stuff, let's use some real violence.
(or real salsa dancing... whatever.)


Dammit! I only see Claudio's threat when it's too late!


The vulture and I retire wounded.

More snappy-shooty larks coming soon, out-of-focus fans... till then, check out Bono Estente!



Mary Glanville

Richard Harris

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