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Aiyahhh, the time is nigh. I must do my web page, I must so, dare to beware.

Born in 1972 in Indonesia, I spent the first year of my life as the white-skinned, blue-eyed, blond-hairdo dolly-plaything to my Indonesian nurse's family and friends. (Yeah, OK, so I'm actually a redhead, but I dyed my hair pre-birth to perpetuate a few anglo-cherubic myths). I was ripped away from this glorious existence at age one to spend my next few years moving between the US, the UK and Holland to finally land in Brisbane, Australia at age five, where I soon learned I was expected to grow up.

You can imagine my chagrin at this decision made on my behalf by my parents... grow up? Thank God I perfected the art of appearances from a very young age, and so for all intensive purposes I did grow up but secretly the child within continues to rule! Speckled childhood memories of a world populated by fairies, elves and supernatural beings embarking upon epic odysseys in the ancient, eternal struggle between good and evil, take me swiftly up the effervescent river of time to now.

Here I exist, as an Entity (Whomever named me this do you know the definition of this word: something, individual, single, item, singleton, article, thing!! Thanks for the humbling. I'd actually prefer Post-production Goddess of the Highest Order of the Virtual Digital Apocalypse, but hell, don't sweat, thing will suffice;~) roaming the streets of TDV and what a pleasure it is. I currently work mostly at keeping my calm as I traverse the digital paths of Starship Titanic assets, and try like Mighty Mouse to find some order in chaos, just to keep all those Mac enthusiasts out there happy. Do you appreciate just how many crashes I have had to endure for you to get a copy of this wonderful game? (Chaos theorists LEAVE ME ALONE!) But seriously folks, this is a great little village to live in. Especially for a new-born learning amidst and from the all gifted and inspiring people here.

Thanks for indulging me.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr -Was that you?


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