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h2g2 goes mobile!
date: 7 Jan 2000

We couldn't resist the opportunity: it's almost as if the whole WAP1 concept was invented for h2g2, so h2g2 is now available in WML2 for WAP devices. It's only an initial demonstration of content and posting right now, and certainly not an indication of the future of wireless h2g2, but it's a start.

But what exactly does that mean? It means that if you have a WAP-enabled device (like a WAP phone or a WAP browser on your laptop) you can access h2g2 from anywhere, whether you're waiting for a train, sitting in a restaurant or strutting your funky stuff at a trendy nightspot. WAP devices can travel anywhere, and now h2g2 can travel with you.

Our WAP service already provides you with the following goodies:

  • Check out the latest five Approved Guide Entries, as they go up.
  • Search the Guide and read what you find on-screen.
  • Create your own Journal, so you can let the community know what you're doing, as you do it
  • Read the top five most active forums, so you can keep in touch with what's happening in the community as the stories break.

If you're interested in a little more on where h2g2 is going, here's a Powerpoint presentation given by Richard Harris, our Research Director3, at the First Tuesday forum in London on 14 December. It might just make more sense to you than it does to us.

h2g2 on the move: one more excellent reason to get a WAP device.

If you have a WAP-enabled browser you can check out our WAP service at Enjoy!

1 Wireless Application Protocol. Nice acronym, eh?

2 WAP Markup Language. It's all getting clearer, isn't it? No? Bear with us...

3 Research Director. Someone who does the wild-eyed, arm-waving vision bit, then clears off and leaves everyone else to pick up the pieces and make it happen. Beats working for a living.


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