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Jason Williams

Software Engineer and Icon Designer to the Stars


Jason was born in Northampton in 1969, but determined to lead an exciting and adventurous life, left to colonise New Zealand when he was 2.

Immediately succeeding in this goal, he generally sat about in Auckland for the next 20 years, frittering away his time on Education and fine Pizza, and decided that he might risk a short return to his homeland in 1993.

That three-week holiday turned quite sour when he accidentally got a job in Hemel Hempstead, and was held in this country for almost four years. This time was punctuated by dreadful chores such as skiing holidays in France and high speed driving around Silverstone circuit.

Just when his escape back to paradise seemed once again to be within reach, he was caught in a dingy Camden alleyway by as hardened a bunch of programmers as you're likely to meet anywhere on the high-C's, and forced to join their crew by promises of high adventure and free chilled water.

He is now sailing on the good ship Raumschiff Titanic.



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