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Douglas Adams is the creator of all the various contradictory manifestations of The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, which include a radio series, a tv series, a stage play, record albums, a computer game, a series of internationally best-selling books, a set of graphic novels and, apotheotically, a bath towel.

In a long and varied career Douglas has also written the Dirk Gently novels, a non-fiction book (Last Chance to See) on endangered species, worked as a chicken shed cleaner, a bodyguard for an Arab royal family, and played guitar for Pink Floyd.

Douglas is a founding partner and the Chief Fantasist of The Digital Village.

"Being part of The Digital Village lets me get back to where I once belonged. When I started out I worked in radio, I worked in TV, I worked on stage... I enjoyed experimenting with different media, working with people and, wherever possible, fiddling with bits of equipment. Then I accidentally wrote a best-selling novel and the consequence was that I had to write another and then another. After a decade or so of this I became a little crazed at the thought of spending an entire working life sitting in a room by myself typing. I needed to do a bit of crop rotation. Hence The Digital Village.

My main role at the Village is to create new projects, to move from one medium to another, to think strategically about new media and to fiddle with bits of equipment.

The first major project is Starship Titanic. This is a new story that I originated as a CD-ROM. The usual pattern for established authors is that their work gets transferred from a pre-exisiting novel into CD-ROM, which means that it drags all its linearity over with it. In the same way, early movies were merely transfers to film of pre-existing plays. Like film, interactive CD-ROM is a whole new medium in its own right.


You can contact me here at The Digital Village. My email address is not a secret, and it's, but in future I want to keep that for my own personal and private mail.

I've just set up a new public email address so that I can publicly answer questions about what I'm up to, and that is Please write to me there - with the understanding that I may publish your letter and my reply here on this website.

I long ago stopped answering questions on the usenet group, because it never produced good results. I would either get flamed with 'Don't try and pretend you're him!' mail, or accounts of what I'd said would get bounced around in more and more garbled versions as soon as my own reply had dropped off the stack."

A fantastic, new & improved, Douglas-imitator-proof, forum is currently under development. Keep a look out on where you can also find lots of other wonderful goodies.



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